The work of the Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center (VBMHC) is made possible through the generous support of volunteers and donors alike. Our incredible team of 200+ volunteers contributes over 1,000 hours each year to further the mission and work of VBMHC. We invite you to participate with the Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center through prayerful support, financial contributions, and gifts of time and energy as a volunteer.

Volunteers serve in many capacities for VBMHC:

  • completing outdoor work, landscaping, and building maintenance at all three VBMHC locations
  • staffing the Welcome Center at the CrossRoads campus
  • serving as tour guides for visitors
  • appearing in period costume for field trip groups
  • staffing the Sing Me High Music Festival
  • and much more.

We have an active and popular Field Trip program for students in grades 1 & 2.  Many, many volunteers are needed to make this program fun and educational for students, parents, and teachers.  To help with this program, complete and return the Field Trip Volunteer Application Form.

For general maintenance, program, and other volunteer opportunities with VBMHC, download, print, and mail the Volunteer Application, or fill out and submit the form below electronically.

For more information, e-mail us at info@vbmhc.org, call 540-438-1275, or submit a request on our contact page.

Be sure to also check out our invitation to support VBMHC financially; become a sustaining member (CrossRoads Pioneer) today and give monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to ensure the continued success of the Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center!