Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center Board

John Bomberger, (Mennonite), Executive Committee Member-at-Large
Carl Desportes Bowman, (Church of the Brethren), Program Committee member
Beryl H. Brubaker, (Mennonite), President
Mary C. Detrick, (Church of the Brethren), Vice President
J.D. Glick, (Church of the Brethren), Secretary
Leo Heatwole, (Mennonite), Finance Committee chairperson
Beth Jarrett (Church of the Brethren), Nominating Committee member
Glen Kauffman, (Mennonite), Funding Committee member
Susan Kidd, (Brethren Church), member
Peggy Landis (Mennonite), Program Committee chairperson
David Lineweaver, (Church of the Brethren), Finance Committee member
Daniel H. Martin, (Mennonite), Treasurer
Vicki Richard (Church of the Brethren), Program Committee member
Paul W. Roth, (Church of the Brethren), Events Committee chairperson
Norwood Shank, (Mennonite), Property Committee

Also on the Board is the Chair of the Property Committee. The Nominating Committee is actively seeking to fill the role of Property Committee Chair. 

If you are interested in joining the Board of the Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center, contact us today or call 540-438-1275.